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Carsten Güth. From series “Private Bunker”.

Brian Finke. From series “2468”

Benedict Redgrove. From series “Locations”

Ross Rawlings. From series “Untitled”

Tim Barber. From series “Urban Outfitters Spring Dresses Lookbook 2012”

I’d be lying if I claimed to keep up to date on lookbooks for spring dresses, but after seeing these photographs by Tim Barber my attention was grabbed. Lovely simplistic use of pop colours for these studio fashion shots… and I suppose the dresses aren’t half bad either.

Gustav Adbage.

Someone should give this guy lots of awards.

Carl De Keyzer. From series “Zona”

Paul Graham. From series ‘American Night’

Paul Graham has been announced as the 2012 Hasselblad Award winner.

Linda Brownlee. From series ‘Parkers’

You can watch a very insightful video about her work here, a lecture she gave at Offset 2010.

Yuji Hamada. From series “Pulsar”

Found via my friends delightful photography magazine, Prism.