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Emil Kozak. From series “Greetings from the C-31”

An absolutely lovely site to spend some time exploring. I had trouble picking just one series to show here, but I couldn’t resist the charm this project has with it’s seaside resort warmth.

Bruce Wrighton. From series “Street Portraits”.

I find my interests are broadening to portraiture more and more.

Céline ClanetFrom series ‘Máze

Inka Lindergård and Niclas Holmström. From series “Watching Humans Watching”

Sara Arnald. From series ‘Tidal Wave’

James Casebere. From series “Landscape with Houses”.

These candy couloured landscapes are not some sickly, idyllic, middle american suburb, but miniature models and constructs. I found Casebere in the latest issue of Source, where his recent exhibition at the Lisson Gallery is reviewed.

Nick Meek. From series “Personal Work”

Vincent Fournier. From series “Space Project”. The first image here is also the cover of the latest issue of Daylight Magazine called “Cosmos”.

Jooney Woodward - winner of the Taylor Wessing portrait prize for the image of the red-headed girl with the guinea pig.

Richard Mosse. From series “Infra”